Steel Supplier Services

Create your competitive advantage with our solution-based services.

When your steel supplier serves you better, you can do more for your own customers. And with experience that’s as strong as the products we provide, we’ve made diversified solutions and reliability our trademark. No matter your industry, we’re here to simplify the way you do steel and offer you the best steel supplier services.


We’ll straighten a bar product, then enlarge an existing hole with the sharp precision of a single-point cutting tool, ensuring it’s just the right fit for your job. We offer custom wall tubing for long and short bar products and various off-center hole possibilities up to 14” I.D. to meet your exact specifications.


An essential process for wide-ranging use across a number of industries, Fox’s solid boring services offers tube boring up to 7.25” I.D. on- center and off center. We will straighten the bar prior to boring the I.D.


Get a uniform size and fine finish through this internal grinding process that achieves a specific diameter for closer tolerances. We offer precision honing and O.D. to I.D. concentric turning.

Rough Machining

Turning and milling to change the shape of our round, square or rectangle bar stock to fit your specifications. Reduce the cost of your finish machining by allowing Fox Metals to perform the rough machining service for you. Rough machining capabilities include both conventional and computer numerical controlled machines to give you the exact components of your project with extreme accuracy.

Heat Treating

We’ll take your stock through the process of thermal heat treatment to modify steel to meet your specific requirements, ductility, and hardness level for various markets. This includes annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering and stress relieving.

Plate Burning

Our custom plate burning facility offers CNC plasma and oxy-fuel capabilities to burn complex shapes in alloy, carbon, and stainless plate to match our customer’s exact drawings and specifications.

Plate Rolling

Fox Metals offers plate rolling services, depending on your material grade needs and thickness. Contact our team to discuss our specific capabilities to roll light and heavy plate steel.

Press Breaking

Our press-break machine is a pressing tool that allows us to modify sheet and plate material into custom shapes. Most commonly, this service is applied to sheet metal, forming bends to match the specs.


Before you put steel to work, it’s important to evaluate its capabilities. We thoroughly vet our products to ensure you’re always getting the best quality. We offer a variety of testing services which include full mechanical and chemical analysis, metallography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and x-ray.

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Saw Cutting

Our cutting facility is equipped with 15 fully automatic saws capable of cutting up to 40” O.D. for high volume and tight tolerance processing. Our 2 CNC controlled plate saws cuts up to 26” high x 26” wide x 16′ long and are capable of cutting round and square bar into rectangular bar shapes not produced by steel mills.

Custom Solutions

We specialize in producing custom solutions to meet our customers’ exact specifications. Let’s discuss your needs.

We provide steel solutions for more complicated, time-sensitive projects. With a unique facility and passionate team, we are equipped for any project that comes our way. We understand what material costs mean to our customer’s bottom line which is why we provide the highest quality of domestically and internationally produced materials at very competitive pricing. We will look at all aspects of the project and help to refine the specifications before going to production. Contact us today if you have a project that we can assist you with.